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Easterseals Hawaii Mission

Assistive Technology

With the right tools, learning, work, and recreation can be enhanced and at times made possible.

— Eric Arverson, Assistive Technology Program Manager

Assistive Technology is a resource program for the Easterseals organization, and stays on the cutting edge of new technologies that enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. Touch screens, augmentative communication devices, footmice, and alternative keyboards are just some of the technical hardware tools available. Computer access is offered to participants, where they work on developing a variety of special skills. The program’s main objective is to increase learning while having fun, and show children and adults with disabilities how to use computers and assistive technology to enhance their lives.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Low-tech and high-tech solutions for individuals who cannot meet all of their communication needs through speech. New services are being developed with other community agencies to allow for the use of communication devices and systems in a group setting.

Adapted Computer Access
Services that allow an individual with any type of disability to access and optimally use a computer. Includes: consultation and training.

Assistive Technology and Training
We provide consultation, training opportunities, and product research and demonstrations. We offer individuals the opportunity to see and try out equipment before buying.