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Easterseals Hawaii Mission


Easterseals Hawaii provides hands-on services and support for people with autism, developmental disabilities and special needs as well as their families. We offer services throughout the Hawaiian Islands and focus primarily on the treatment of autism.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Program

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has always existed but only recently has better diagnosis and greater clinical understanding of ASD captured public awareness. Affecting as many as one in 59 children born each year, autism is one of the leading health issues facing the nation. Learn more

Adult Day Services

We believe that participants with disabilities flourish when they are provided experiences in community settings comprised of ordinary life activities. Independence and self-esteem are increased when there are opportunities for meaningful participation, associations with community members, and roles of acquired leadership. Learn more

Respite & Community Support

Unfortunately, Easterseals Hawaii does not provide Respite Services at this time. Learn More

Medical Rehabilitation

Medical rehabilitation focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disabilities to help individuals live with greater independence. Learn more