Info for Participants

Current and former participants interested in working can contact their local Division of Vocational Rehabilitation office (DVR) to learn more about what support may be available to assist them in securing work. Employment Services at Easterseals Hawaii work closely with different DVR Counselors to provide services that match participant’s interests. In addition, those that qualify for waiver services through the Department of Health, Developmental Disabilities Division (DOH-DDD) can talk to their case manager about interest in job opportunities. Goals will then be developed to support employment outcomes.

In order to set our participants and their employers up for success,  we use the Discovery Process. This process uncovers and recognizes the valuable contributions participants can provide to potential employers. Discovery identifies participant’s skills and expands their network of supports. Discovery helps participants develop a greater sense of self and learn to make decisions that can improve their current quality of life.

A customized plan is developed from what is learned through the Discovery Process. A Customized Employment plan identifies the participant’s strengths and matches them with employment opportunities to meet unmet business needs. This results in a win-win relationship for the participants and Hawaii’s business community. Customized Employment is a dynamic and flexible process designed to create meaningful career/job matches in the local business settings.

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation – If you have a disability that keeps you from working, contact your local Vocational Rehabilitation Office.